Meatloaf, what more can I say

This meatloaf has been a meal to go to many many times, it is one of my families favorite meals. The way the barbecue sauce makes the glaze on the top has renamed this meal Meat Candy in my household. While yes that may not be the best name choice, it was the first thing my fiance came up with and it stuck ever since. I have experimented a little bit with this recipe, while most of the time I keep it true to the recipe, I have added in a sauce called Ponzu in the place of the Worcheshire Sauce and it still tasted just as good. This is one of those meals that worked for a weekly dinner or even as an at home date night dinner. One of the things I enjoy about this recipe is the outside get a little crunch to it from the glaze while the inside stays nice and moist, it doesn’t dry out and become hard to eat. Once again, if you decide to give this recipe a change let us know in the comments below, along with the original poster as well

Recipe Here!


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